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Image Slide Resource Management and Entrepreneurship Department

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Welcome to Department of Resource Management and Entrepreneurship Department :

With women empowerment Resource Management & Entrepreneurship department is performing a major role in work-oriented space both in Government and non-government organization. Academic program of Resource Management & Entrepreneurship complemented with the commitment to provide students a bright career by frequently updated curriculum. This course will develop knowledge of concepts and practices of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. Students will learn how in today’s dynamic and complex environment become entrepreneur and identify new opportunities for sustained superior performance. Students obtain experience about how to overcome challenges which are associated with different organizations, particularly in SMEs, creative industries and multinationals.

Content :

Resource management students become well known about resource variation and properutilization in home and organization. In context of our country they get knowledge about advantages and disadvantages of entrepreneurship. Also learn how an entrepreneur achieves success through his innovative power in risk and competition. Resource Management & Entrepreneurship courses provide ideas about planning and managing an organization. In view of family management knowledge gained about how plan and design a house. Students obtained experience of financial, economic and related management for different age’s people with different income and lifestyle. This knowledge is applicable when associated with organization in job field.

Resource Management & Entrepreneurship courses are focused on applied field understanding organizational activity and structure. Leadership and well-management of organization with new technical equipment and their proper uses also studied. Students get idea of business management plan, residence plan, employee and customer relation, ethics and social responsibilities. Human resource planning, employee selection, recruitment, training, motivation, discipline, security, wages and other facilities are studied elaborately to make them competent in job field. Consumer behavior, rights and responsibilities knowledge also achieve. Students can learn about project management, strategy, development and implementation.


The main objectives of this education is to make both men and women as good citizens, create skilled human resources, start from home assets, utilize the overall resources of the country, self-employment through creative initiatives, women empowerment, social development by elimination of unemployment and use ofsustainable development of technology through which can improve the image of Bangladesh at international level.


  • Building the life style along with country’s economic development.

  • Develop human resources.

  • Effective and fair use of all types of resources.

  • Increase management capacity and role-playing skills among family members.

  • Ensure the achievement of financial security of everyone.

  • Family members' socialization.

  • Be aware of consumer rights.

  • Help to bring about financial security for women empowerment.

  • Production and consumption of friendly products and services to increase the welfare of the family and the society.

  • Developing the country's economic development and improving the quality of life through the use of appropriate technology.

  • Using advanced technology, rural women can work more easily and in less time and they can improve their economic growth.

  • Protecting the country's assets through sustainable development and creating a living environment for future generations.

  • Resolving the unemployment problem and achieving self-reliance by creating entrepreneurs.

  • Acquire the right decision and implement in all areas of life.

  • Enriching the country and nation at national and international level through proper utilization of resources.


After completing studyResource Management & Entrepreneurship, students can apply for all types of government jobs. Such as BCS, Bank, Ministry, Educational Institutions etc.


  • There are various types of NGOs in Bangladesh where students will get employment opportunities.

  • There are plenty of job opportunities in the private bank.

  • Students can work in organizations that are working around the environment.

  • Event Management and Interior Designing Institute have job opportunities.

  • There are work opportunities in the fashion house and boutique house.

  • are work opportunities in different garments andbuyinghouses.

  • There are opportunities for financial and welfare services.

  •  Jobs in different educational institutions.


  • By using the talent and creativity students can create themselves a successful entrepreneur.

  • Build a business organization by collecting money from different lending institutions.

  • Self-employment opportunities can be made in training of cottage industries and handicrafts.

  • It is possible to undertake various projects in poverty reduction.

  • Employment opportunities can be created by establishing NGOs or donor organizations.

  • Internal and external planning organizations can be established.

  •  A lot of work on event management can be done.

Besides, many people are encouraged to establish their own Boutique house or fashion house and prefer to establish them as entrepreneur.