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Welcome to Department of Art & Creative Studies :

Creating something beautifully and attractively is art. Everyone possesses a creative mind but to develop this creativity practice and academic knowledge are must.

Without any academic knowledge village people of our country made different types of household products for their living purpose. At that time Arts and creativity studies didn’t get that much popularity. But for life’s sake, to meet the needs of practical life our artist’s creativity won different sectors of creative art. People came to know about the impact, concept and fusion of color, line, light-shade, texture, shape, balance proportion etc. Our traditional Hand loom, Jamdani, Moslin, pottery and terracotta, jute product, fashion designing, interior design and all other sectors of creative art started to change with the influence of modernisms. It contributed to the development of our lives and living style. In that way Arts and Creativity became a discipline with a combination of aestheticism and career.

Nowadays art and creative studies is an emerging discipline in our educational system. Students of this department are establishing themselves completing 4 years honors and 1 year masters degree from this department. The main purpose of the Art and the creative studies department is to use that creative sense of a person in deferent sectors to produce special crafts, which we use in our daily life. This department also has taken the responsibility to create a skilled person who will be capable of making world class products. Students of this department are also acquiring practical knowledge and contributing to flourish our art, culture and tradition worldwide.


The major objects of the department of Art and Creative Studies are as follows:
  • Familiarize the traditional art craft of our country.

  • Provide theoretical and practical knowledge of art and creativity.

  • Creating skilled artist.

  • Developing the traditional creative art of Bangladesh.

  • Exploring and flourishing the unexplored creativity of the people through the knowledge of art and creativity.

  • Developing the living standard of the people fulfilling their needs.

  • Developing the economy of our country exporting different traditional craft.

  • Ensuring women empowerment through creating work opportunity for women.

  • Developing the craft industry and folk art industry of the country.

  • Establishing and flourishing the creativity of the students through their practical knowledge and skill.

  • Nowadays our traditional art has been able to create demand in home and abroad. Consequently students are getting opportunities for higher education in different foreign Universities.

SUBJECTS: Art and Creative studies department includes:
  • History of art---- etymology background and history of art, history and civilization, commence and enhancement development of art etc.

  • Art Elements and Principles----What are the elements & principles of art? and the integration of elements & principles in use.

  • Art of South Asia

  • Textile printing------Block, Batik, Tie-dye, Stitchery etc.

  • Fashion design

  • Interior design

  • Recreational craft ----wall mat, collage, toy making, bags, card, paper craft, flower arrangement etc.

  • Art and Artist of Bangladesh

  • Jute and wood craft

  • Essence of design

  • Pottery making

  • Creative art

  • Art of jeweler

  • Landscape

  • Income generation sources for women


After the completion of graduation and post-graduation degree from this discipline students can apply for all categories govt. services.
  • The students of this department have opportunities to participate in B.C.S examination (with both options in general and professional categories).

  • They have priority in all sectors of Woman and Children welfare.

  • They also have good opportunities in design section of BISIC.


  • At present ready-made garments is the most prominent job sector that contributes better in the finance of our country. The students of this department can contribute easily in this field.

  • They can get opportunities in design sector of garments and also other sectors related with textile as fashion designer.

  • School and College teaching is also a good opportunity for them.

  • They can get access in different fashion houses of our country and abroad.

  • They can get job in different kinds of craft making factories in home and abroad.


  • The most important opportunity for the students of this department is to explore themselves as entrepreneur.

  • Many of the learners want to establish their independent business as profession rather than doing job. This department provides appropriate knowledge for entrepreneurship.

  • Moreover, using the knowledge of Art and creativity students can make and sale different lucrative products and able to establish themselves.

  • Many people have already been established by making and sealing product through online business.

  • Besides, many people are encouraged to establish their own Boutique house or fashion house and prefer to establish them as entrepreneur.